I am not a “traditional” actuarial student.

An actuary’s job really seems economically promising but psychologically pathetic. A pricing actuary predicts the number of deaths in next year. A valuation actuary counts the number of deaths this year. After all, actuaries seem to be betting on people’s death and casualty to make a living.

While to some extent this argument is true, I do believe that actuaries are playing more significantly then we ever thought. The emerging area of asset liability management and enterprise risk management offer actuaries  exciting and dynamic playgrounds. The responsibilities of actuaries are no longer limited to count or predict deaths and casualties. We offer financial solutions to hedge risks for the public. We propose strategies to actively manage and utilize risks to maximize profit of organizations.

Strategical risk takers are we.

While the crowds are generally risk averse, we strive to understand and make use of the underlying truth behind the seemingly dangerous randomness of the world.

After all, risk is opportunity.

The author of this blog holds Bachelor’s Degree of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. The author is currently an actuarial programmer at GGY Inc. in Toronto, being part of the team developing and maintaining the actuarial software AXIS that is widely used all over the world.

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